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[2017-03-11]Safe Riding Skills
Safe riding skills refers to the rider who should have the effect of driving safety bike handling skills .It involved in the case of people don’t hit me, how to ensure the safety of the individual driving.
[2014-05-27]Sava Cup On China
Recently, ZhongWei Composite Material Co., Ltd attended the "SAVA Cup" bicycle tournament on May 18, 2014. With the support of Shenzhen sports Association, Shenzhen Cycling Association sponsored the "SAVA Cup" bicycle tournament at the motorboat racing base in Nanshan district. The Germany SAVA bicycle is one of our business partner. During the "SAVA Cup" tournament, they had exhibited their mountain bicycle, among all these mountain bicycles, the highlights of the exhibition is the carbon fiber mountain bicycle, which is our newly designed product. The Germany SAVA bicycle has signed a contract with the Shenzhen Foundation, with every single ZhongWei carbon fiber bicycle been sold out, the SAVA bicycle will donate RMB 10 to the fountation, and the fund will be used for supporting the development of the enviorment protection. Under the lead of our CEO Dick Chen, all sales agent of ZhongWei attended this tournament. They learned a lot from this tournament and know better about the customer demand. Also, ZhongWei are proud of their contribute in the enviorment prection riding project.
[2014-05-13]Dick Chen With National University of Defense Technology
National University of Defense Technology’s One Day Tour of ZhongWei National University of Defense Technology has established a partnership with ZhongWei Composite Material Co., Ltd for years, regarding the applying of carbon fiber cloth this new materials. This month, 5 professors of the National University of Defense Technology paid a friendly visit to their long-term partner ZhongWei. As host, the CEO Dick Chen of Zhongwei gave them a warm welcome. He toured them around the factory, showed them the work flow and the company culture. This meeting has further enhanced the trust among the two parties and improve exchanges and cooperation in all areas. National University of Defense Technology placed an order which amounted sixteen thousand dollars to ZhongWei before they leave. So, don’t be surprised to see some high-tech frames come out in the very near future. This successful meeting between National University of Defense Technology and Zhongwei signified a new start.
[2014-04-30]Zhongwei in CHINA CYCLE 2014
ZhongWei Composite Material Co., Ltd recently received hot response after they attended the 24th China International Bicycle & Motor Fair (CHINA CYCLE 2014) in Shanghai.
[2014-03-13]Super Light 2013 Carbon Fiber MTB Frame, 26er Carbon Frame