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A Long distance friend from Korea
Author :Caroline XieRelease time :17/03/13Source :Caroline Xie

 A Long distance friend from Korea  Happy communication Establish friendship.
Today zhongwei composite company welcome a honourable guest(Woo tea) from Korea. Who is the CEO of the SIN SEONG Fabric Corporation. He operate a big factory work in brand cloth at his place. Their business scope is widely, involving in cloth making and sport tools. As: Bike parts and badminton.
As we all know that green type of life is more and more popular. So in every place of world people are pay most attention to the sport. Our company have a long history for make bike parts and have a professional team for it. Woo say this the reason why he choice our company to establish bike accessories business.
At that day, we both through wonderful day! Our Manager show he our advanced equipment and our exquisite skill. He and my boss are humor person, during their talking we always hear some happy voice. They are have build a wonderful blueprint for our future business.
All the bright precious things fade so fast.This happy day goes so fast. Last, we make a photo to remember this impressed time.