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Difference between mountain bike and road bike
Author :Sally HuRelease time :17/03/06Source :Sally Hu

 Difference between mountain bike and road bike

People who love cycling will know, bicycles are divided into four . The first kind is the most common civil bicycle which instead of walking ;The second kind is the mountain bike which tires very thick;The third kind is called climbing bicycle;And the last one is the road racing bike, we usually used to call it "racing bike".
For common mountain bikes and road bikes, where is the difference between them?
Road bike is 28 inch wheel mountain bike is 26 inch wheel diameter;Mountain bike tire width is usually is 1.9 inches, and road bike tire width in 20 mm up and down.

Riding in the rugged mountain, in order to pursuit of manipulation, using the more wide, and highway speed, reduce the wind resistance, so the handlebar is narrow.

Mountain bike on bumpy road, consider that lightweight and tough, and is focus on trample rigidity, light weight.Road bikes is usually slender, and mountain bike is strong.Mountain bike frame angle is very important, and the angle of racing bike is not so important.Mountain bike axle is thick, and the road car axle is more delicate.Now as the craft and the use of high-tech materials, in addition to the basic structure of two kinds of frame is hard to find what is the same.

The brake
Mountain bike need big strength, braking force is strong, all-weather braking system. Mountain bike use hanging type brake system before, then the V brakes provide better braking performance, now the best motorcycle brake system the introduction of disc brake, or disc brake. For road bike except the braking force, the most important is lightweight.

Front fork
Mountain bike fork belongs to an important components, mountain bike has content of higher science and technology, performance and comfortable plus rigid and lightweight a combination, and fork of road bike just is componets of frame.

The weight 
Weight for mountain and road is very main, games, mountain bike can reach 12.5 kg, and highway maximum limit is 10.5 kg.The bike is more heavier, the more power you will consume.

Outlook of mountain bike is more complex than road bike which is more Simple and smooth .  Of course , outlook is not most important , you need to check the ensemble of the bike .

When you ride , you feel more stable, comfortable, and very good maneuverability and brake;Design of road bikes is emphasis on speed, because the tire width is narrower , so it has high requirement for the ground . Riding on wet pavement ,it will skid, has poor flexibility .